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Questions & Answers

Q: What is the difference between coaching and counselling?

A: Coaching focuses on helping you to move forward, to expand your potential and future opportunities.

Counselling focuses on current or past issues that require exploring, resolution, acceptance or closure.


Q: Shouldn’t a counsellor be able to coach you?

A: Only if they have also trained as a coach. There are different processes involved, different ways of asking powerful questions, and different agendas for specific outcomes.

Lea Sander has 25+ years of counselling experience, is a Results trained coach under the umbrella of the Neuroleadership Institute, and is a member of ICF (International Coach Federation).


Q: How are coaching and counselling the same?

A: From Lea Sander’s position as both coach and counsellor, the key similarity lies in her not providing you with the solutions but rather, guiding you towards finding them on your own.

For you, the similarity lies in the need for assistance to find these solutions with yourself.

That’s Lea’s role – getting you to that place of discovery.


Q: What happens if I come for coaching but it turns out I need counselling?

A: That is the strength of CoachCounsel – Lea Sander can move between both disciplines.  She will advise you if a different process is considered beneficial and will invite you to engage accordingly.  You will have 100% choice and certainty about the processes involved and will be supported and encouraged towards the best outcomes for you.


Q: What makes coaching or counselling work?

A: The desire to make the changes or address the problems in the first place. Without that, it won’t work.

Commitment to the process which includes accountability and responsibility – being prepared to do the work involved to move forward.

Mutual respect between both parties.

Belief and trust in the coach or counsellor – you are experiencing new insights but feel safe with the process.

And if you are discovering new and positive ways of thinking and living, it feels good!


Q: What happens if you need relationship counselling but the other person won’t come?

A: Then Lea Sander will work with you alone. Many relationships have survived and improved because one person has sought support and made changes in their own behaviour, dialogues and responses. In turn, these changes impact on the other party and have positive, relationship-altering consequences.


Q:What about the cost? Can I afford it?

A: CoachCounsel is about providing opportunities for those who seek it by offering various options of accessibility.

This is NOT executive/corporate coaching which commands fees relative to the industry.

Nonetheless, Lea is focused and professional in all that she delivers, particularly with her capacity to offer both Coaching and Counselling, and holds a strong philosophy that these services should be available to many. Lea’s clients come from:

  • rural locations who cannot find relevant or impartial ‘local’ support
  • a broad cross-section of Adelaide communities, some who function within ‘tight’ budgets
  • single-session requests (who often return on an ‘as-needed’ basis)
  • referrals and recommendations from others

…. Lea invites open and honest dialogue, via email or phone call, to discuss and share what can work for you.


Q: So, what can I hope to achieve?

A: Click here for OUTCOMES and read what’s possible